Mirei Yazawa

Artist Statement:
Mirei Yazawa is an artist who work with body movement, bodily sensation
and improvisation to explore how we construct reality and share it.


Nagano, Japan

Goldsmiths college, London  BA (Hons) Fine Art

Directing & Choreography:
2017 Mar group Cnidaria, Decoding Sensations - A Curious Brew Of Art, London

2016 Sep trioSanguisorba/ワレモコウ, Kanna Fall Art Festival, Japan
2016 May trio Untitled, I'Klectik Art-Lab, London
2015 Nov trio Yamaoroshi, HundredYearsGellery, London
2015 Sep soro untitled, DZIALDOV, Berlin
2014 Aug duo untitled *Charcoal piece, BODY OF SOUND, Cafe OTO, London
2014 June duo untitled *Basmati rice piece, WARNING: A virulent strand is prevalent
in South East London nois, Lewisham Arthouse, London
2014 May duo Swiming , Buut, DZIALDOV, Berlin
2014 March duo Self introduction, HOUSERULES, East India Dock, London
2014 Jan group , 5 hours improvisation prj, Lewisham Art House, London
2013 Dec trio Melting ice, Spirit of Gravity, Brighton Dome, Brighton
2013 July duo A Midsummer Day Fight, Totemic Festival, Freud Museum, London
2013 duo Sending message from park, LUPA Fete, London
2013 duo Sending message from home, Custom Session #2, London
2013 duo The listhening post, Forever young Performance night, London
2013 groupe A potter, LUPA15, London
2012 duo Untitled, Crypta Silent Monologue, London
2012 duo A picnic, Repeat Rewind Rephrase, London
2011 solo Three minutes cooking, MoonWax#15, London
2011 solo A dance with a chair, MoonWax#11, London
2010 group Watermeloncholy, After Dark, London
2010 group A memory of a piano lesson, Diamond Night, Oxford

2014 May solo exhibition ANATOMY OF DREAMS, Carnegie Library, London
2011 duo exhibition, Chelsea Piano's, London
2011 Summer Zine Festival, Galerie 8, London
2010 group exhibition cup op tea solves everything 2, Forfey Festival, Ireland
2009 group exhibition A cup op tea solves everything, Departure, London

2015 Oct Workers *A part of HouseRules, ArtLicks Weekend, London
2011 Dance With Your Question That Has No Answer, London