Mirei Yazawa


An attempt to become a living thing that would belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. Performers try to understand the world of cnidaria through the sensation during the performance. At the same time, try to understand our own world deeper.

The interesting poit of cnidaria for me is:

1, 'Primitive' state of perceptions
They surely have sense of smell, touch and propreoception. Some of them have primitive vision. I guess the sense of self, space and time would be quite different from what human-being have. However, it must be similar to the fundamental function of our perception.

2. Boundary between self and others
Some of Cnidaria have period of colonies, individual polyps and group of polyps (even with Division of labor). It makes me think about what defines boundary between self and others.

3. Flexibility of sex
Some of them have life cycles that alternate between asexual polyps, and sexual forms called medusae. That makes me aware of that heterosexuality can be said a de facto standard in human society and also it could be different depends on situation.

Akira Shaman
Cristina Isabel Buritica
Lizzie Hewitt
Marty Dzian
Pav Larry Quinston
Tymur Bezuglyy

Chris Dowding
Lola de La Mata


Performed on 29th Mar 2017 at New River Studios in London